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Our Assurance

We believe sustainability is the key driver of innovation and advancement

  • Urban Technology

    Conceptualized and designed by Architect Hafeez Contractor, known for his forward-thinking initiatives on urban design, Sheltrex combines the many aspects of architecture in an urban context. Hafeez Contractor’s unique approach to sizing compact houses enables us to create developments in areas where land costs are very high in a framework that captures all the features associated with a real city.

  • Infrastructure & Technology

    Incorporating cutting-edge technology and design; our developments have met the challenges of continuous growth through responsible planning, building standards and sustainable development. At Sheltrex, we understand the power of technology and execute a wide range of innovative ideas to benefit the present and future.

  • Green Technology

    We have carefully chosen our requirements according to environmental impact; right from design and materials to construction practices and maintenance. By adopting cost-effective green building techniques and focusing on energy efficiency, water conservation, wet garbage composting and minimizing carbon footprint, Sheltrex endeavors to contribute to an eco-resilient future.

  • Transparency

    Homebuyers often suffer due to unethical practices. We never compromise on transparency and have taken extra care to ensure that buying a Sheltrex house is a clean and honest transaction for you. The entire registration process is explained online, making every part of our dealing easy and transparent. You can even book a house online, an innovative and hassle-free way of selling in the real estate world. We ensure that all bank approvals and legal documents are listed on our website.