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Architect Hafeez Contractor

One of the most established Indian Architects today; He started his practice in 1982 with just a staff of two. Today the firm has over 350 employees including senior associates, architects, interior designers, draftsmen, civil engineering team and architectural support staff. The firm has conceptualized, designed and executed a wide range of architectural projects from bungalows, residential developments to hospitals, hotels and corporate offices and won over 70 National and International awards for their work.

Housing Financiers

Industry Partners

Sheltrex has partnered with Foyr, a path breaking technology in the home design space. The company aims to be the world’s first online, automated interior designer – a novel idea with unmatched technology, virtual reality and real time market intelligence. The company is headquartered in Hyderabad and gives customers wider options to take design, visualization and customization to a completely new level.

Phalcomm is an online ecommerce platform that helps real estate developer’s structure, monitor and optimize their sales process. They handle every aspect in the lifecycle of the project, from lead generation, booking process, registration, payments and post sales customer care.

KlickBrick is an Affordable Housing Sales Delivery Platform for Developers and Distributors. The business model of KLICKBRICK combines an e-commerce Sales Platform with a strong Distributor Network, providing a wide customer outreach in Domestic and International Markets.